Trial and Litigation News

Posted on June 7, 2017

Fewer lawsuits are being tried these days and fewer yet tried to juries.  However, the success or failure of informal resolution or a mediated settlement often depends in part on how the parties perceive each other as trial opponents.  Your perceived capability is obviously more credible if you have a few trial wins in your firm's recent work.  And, of course, your client is, at least in most cases, pleased with a black and white win.

Recently the Costello Porter Law Offices, in a somewhat unexpected result, and representing a large commercial developer, won a defense verdict in a lawsuit brought by the City  involving failed infrastructure, including roads, in a subdivision built under City specifications for subdivisions.  The City sought damages of nearly a million dollars.  The five day jury trial was an effort to end a long standing dispute on the subject.

The trial judge set a trial date one year before the case was tried and the case was tried almost exactly one year from that date.  So the parties adhered to a schedule; the judge moved the case along; some parties settled along the way; the City and the Costello Porter's client ended up as the only parties at trial.

For the firm, Don Porter, acted as lead trial attorney; Chris Christianson, second chaired; and Vikki Kelner, paralegal, supported at trial.  The trial and expedited discovery were backed up all the way with a team from the office including Jess Pekarski; Phil Stiles; Michael Steve, David Hanson; as well as the appellate section of the office.  Ed Carpenter, Of Counsel, and a model trial attorney offered strategic wisdom and comments that kept the defense on course for the duration of the case.